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martes, 19 de septiembre de 2017
After 14 Years, Jean Grey Returns To Marvel Comics
by Mat 'Inferiorego' Elfring

In December, the miniseries Phoenix: Resurrection brings back adult Jean Grey for the first time since her death in New X-Men.

Death isn't forever in comics. In 2003, Jean Grey died during an iconic run on New X-Men by acclaimed writer Grant Morrison. Since then, that version of Grey has been dead, but this December, Grey will return in the five-issue miniseries Phoenix Resurrection: The Return of Jean Grey.

The new story written by Matthew Rosenberg and drawn by Leinil Yu will follow--you guessed it--the resurrection of one of the original five X-Men: "Strange events are no surprise to the X-Men," reads the official synopsis from Marvel. "But when events start occurring that are more specific and stranger than usual, the group is forced to confront the truth: could Jean be alive after all? And how will this Jean Grey deal with a world that is now so different from the one she left years ago?"

The story is still a pretty big mystery at the moment, but the upcoming months in the current X-Men titles should shed some light on what's coming ahead. "This is very cool mystery building to a mind-warping climax," said senior editor Mark Paniccia. "And it has plenty of what you’d expect from an X-Men epic of this magnitude. Action, romance, sacrifice, lots of X-Men, and five great artists."

... Preview: X-Men: Gold #12 ...

viernes, 8 de septiembre de 2017
X-Men: Gold  #12

Writer: Guggenheim, Marc
Artist: Ross, Luke
Cover Artist: Lashley, Ken

While on a mission to apprehend the latest incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the X-Men discovered a villain amongst their number who was a complete mystery. * Little did they know, the alien KLEEVUS was on a mission of his own! * Now, they're on the verge of discovering Kleevus' true nature.

...EXCL. Preview: X-Men: Gold #11 ...

sábado, 26 de agosto de 2017
EXCL. PREVIEW: X-Men Gold #11 Targets Omega Red

Marvel Comics has provided CBR with an exclusive first look at next week’s X-Men Gold #11 from writer Marc Guggenheim and artist Lan Medina. On sale next Wednesday, September 6, the issue furthers the X-Men’s latest exploits in Mother Russia as they face off against their classic foe, Omega Red. Can they take down the savage mechanical villain once and for all?


Soviet scourge OMEGA RED has returned! But what does his return have to do with the reappearance of a relative COLOSSUS and MAGIK thought long lost? Can the X-Men trust ANATOLY RASPUTIN to help put Omega Red back in the grave? Or does he have ulterior motives for calling upon the X-Men?

... Preview: X-Men: Gold #10 ...

martes, 22 de agosto de 2017
X-Men: Gold #10

Written by Marc Guggenheim
Art by Lan Medina
Cover by David Curiel
Inks by Jason (Jay) Leisten
Colors by Frank Martin
Letters by Cory Petit

Colossus and Magik return to Russia to help a stranger with ties to their past…only to discover him in the clutches of OMEGA RED! But surely the newly resurrected cyborg serial killer means the X-Men no harm though, right?

... Todd Nauck Art ...

domingo, 13 de agosto de 2017

... Preview: X-Men Gold #9 ...

viernes, 28 de julio de 2017
X-Men Gold #9

Story by Marc Guggenheim
Pencils by Ken Lashley
Cover by David Curiel
Letters by Cory Petit

Kitty Pryde has sworn off men named 'Peter.' But when she and her first love - Peter 'Colossus' Rasputin - are caught in dire straits, will she find herself going back on her word?

The Secret Empire has fallen! At least within the pages of Marvel’s X-Men Gold. Kitty Pryde and her team of X-Men made it through the Dark Dimension and emerged on the other side of Marvel’s latest event relatively intact. However, they were immediately given a rude surprise by the government. Congress has introduced a Mutant Deportation act, an anti-Mutant piece of legislation that would potentially strip all mutants of their U.S. citizenship.

... X-Men 'MOJO WORLDWIDE' ...

miércoles, 26 de julio de 2017

Mojo está de vuelta.

Por IGN LATINOAMÉRICA. Marc Guggenheim reveló algunos detalles del crossover 'Mojo Worldwide', el cual reunirá a los equipos de X-Men Blue y X-Men Gold por primera vez desde su re-lanzamiento.

Teniendo en cuenta el amor de Guggenheim y el co-escritor Cullen Bunn por los X-Men, parece apropiado que "Mojo Worldwide" empiece con los dos equipos jugando softball. Esta es una tradición que se remonta a los tiempos de Chris Claremont en Uncanny X-Men. Después de eso, Mojo arriba a la tierra para ver a los X-Men luchar en contra de sus más grandes enemigos en busca de ratings. Esta es una metáfora de los cómics.

Unión de las portadas de X-Men Blue #13 & X-Men Gold #13 por Art Adams (Marvel Comics).

Tal y como lo vimos en el arte previo, Dark Phoenix, Apocalypse, Brood y los centinelas de Days of the Future Past están dentro de la lista de villanos que se enfrentarán a los X-Men. Guggenheim explicó que todos los equipos estarán dentro de "escenarios artificiales", pero advirtió que habrá "grandes consecuencias" para ambos grupos. El creativo también mencionó que Ink, un personaje de Young Justice, también aparecerá dentro de la historia. Sin embargo, el gran regreso lo protagonizará Longshot, quien ha estado causado problemas dentro del Mojoverse.

"Mojo Worldwide" se lanzará a finales del año y empezará con X-Men Blue #13.

Marvel Legacy’s X-Men Crossover Takes Mojo Worldwide
by Rob Cave